• Bonju Offers multiple channels to book eighter on demand or pre-booking.
    • Our on demand app allows you to book eighter for on-demand or schedule a ride for later.
    • You can contact our Call Centre and select the “Bookings” option, and one of our Customer Support Agents will be with you as quickly as possible.
    • You can communicate with us through our Live Chat.
    • You can also Pre-Book your ride by calling us or via our website by clicking on the ‘Pre-Book your Ride’ If you wish to Pre-book your Bonju ride, please make sure that you do so at least one hour in advance.

Bonju offers quality service at an affordable price.
We currently have two different models for pricing.

We have the In-App prices and The Non-App prices.

When booking over the Bonju Ride App prices are as follows :
Bonju Basic: Up to 4 passengers (+ luggage)
Starting Price: 3.40 Euro
Price Per Kilometer: 0.80 Euro

Bonju Mini Van: Up to 7 passengers (+ luggage)
Starting Price: 5.20 Euro<
Price Per Kilometer: 1.30 Euro

This is a limited time offer that will run until the end of February.

When booking over the phone and not using the app the prices are as follows:
Bonju Basic: Up to 4 passengers (+ luggage)
Starting Price: 4 Euro
Price Per Kilometer: 1 Euro

Bonju Mini Van: Up to 7 passengers (+ luggage)
Starting Price: 6 Euro
Price Per Kilometer: 1.50 Euro

This mainly depends on the distance that the driver will have to cover in order to make all the stops that you require. In this case, it is better and more efficient to book such a ride by calling our call centre. That way we make sure that we note all the information and all the stops and we will be able to quote a price accordingly.

In the case of a ride with multiple stops, the price will be given on the phone immediately before booking. The prices for this type of cab service are fixed and will depend entirely on the total distance covered throughout the whole trip.

Once you make the booking, you will receive a message (and also an email if you like) confirming your booking. You will also receive another message and/or email 30 minutes before your driver picks you up. This is applicable when a ride is booked for a later time. Either way, you will always receive an sms with the details of your car AND driver. Once we confirm that your ride has been booked, we will also ask you for your contact number so that we pass this on to your driver. At this stage, you can put your mind at rest that, come rain or shine, your Bonju cab will be there waiting for you at the requested time and location. You will also be given the name of the driver, the car information (make, number plate and colour), as well as the driver’s contact number. From our side, at the Bonju Headquarters, we will be tracking your Bonju ride through our tracking system so that if something unpredictable happens, we will make sure to send you another cab to collect you. Whatever it takes, we will certainly not leave you stranded!
You can certainly not miss the Ruby Red logo on the Bonju cabs! But if for some reason, you don’t manage to see our drivers…worry not! Your Bonju driver will have your phone number and he/she will call you to locate you.

Airport Pick-Up:  For those coming from abroad, your Bonju Driver will be there waiting for you with your name at Arrivals Gate at the Airport.

Upon booking, we will ask you for your phone number and if you do not manage to meet your driver immediately, your driver will call you to identify your location. If you do not find your driver immediately, it would be great if you could identify a landmark close to you (name of a shop, road sign, building etc.)

If you still do not manage to find your cab driver, get in touch with our Call Centre and one of our agents will assist you immediately.

We accept Three payment methods. Cash – Credit Card ( In App ) or Virtual wallet payment ( In App )
The Bonju Team will be monitoring your flight and will inform the driver if there are any flight delays. It is very important that when you book your cab service you give us your precise flight details so that we can avoid any misunderstandings.

Once you do land, please inform your driver if you are going to be late (in case of delays at luggage collection, lost luggage etc.)

Bonju does not charge you for any cancellation fees.
If you lose any items during your trip, you can use one of the following procedures in order to retrieve your lost item:

  1. Call your driver
  2. Call our Call Centre

If the driver finds a lost item in the Bonju cab, he/she will return the item to the Head Office and the Bonju Team will contact the client.

You can contact us using one of our 5 communication channels (these will become 6 in a few weeks time):

  • Phone
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • In-App chat (this feature will be launched in January 2019, so stay tuned!)

Bonju offers various exciting career opportunities. If you are interested in joining our team kindly contact our Call Centre and you will be transferred to our HR department.

It is important to point out  that if you wish to become a Bonju cab driver, you need to have a minimum of 2 years experience on the roads. You also need to be in possession of a clean Police Conduct and you require an official TAG from Transport Malta which legally allows you to be a cab driver.